Thursday, December 22, 2011

Silver Solstice

Winter Solstice has arrived, and that brings us less daylight... only about 9 hours on December 22nd! Since we are the farthest away from the sun, and it's elevation is lowest in the sky, we naturally experience the longest night of the year. But just because it's dark outside, our interiors can still shine brilliantly.

Nothing brings sparkle to the darkness like the glint of silver... it can be glossy and bright, or satiny and lustrous... those qualities make it perfect to add some dazzle to your home for Winter celebrations...

Mercury glass votives lining the stairs in the foyer

invite you in from the darkness & cold

Silver, blue & turquoise ornaments adorn our blue Christmas tree

Soft candle light glows from a silver hurricane lantern

Silver poinsettias might not be found in nature...

but look great as a decoration on our stairway!

A glittery silver candle surrounded by greens & silvery pine cones

Tiny white tree decoration with silver snow on its boughs

is right at home on this table covered with blue snowflakes

Snow covered greenery in a silver urn

Sparkly sequins make this pillow ready to celebrate winter's festivities

A silvery arrangement with cobalt & turquoise ornaments

makes a bold, contemporary statement

This wreather with silver ribbons & bows, & coastal themed adornments

liven up an otherwise plain interior door

This silver swirl tree is magical against the dreamy silk drapes!

Silver "presents" & silver rimmed candle holders warm up the fireplace mantle

I hope that these images make you excited about adding a touch of silver to your winter decor!

Wishing you a cozy and warm season!


  1. Hi Kat,

    Wow! What a great post capturing the silvery interpretation of the season... Snow and ice certainly do have that color essence in the outdoors, so it naturally flows to the inside as you have done here... I especially love the 'Silver Swirl Tree' (it is magical on it's own with it's Merlin look), and the closeup of the 'Glittery Silver Candle' is awesome with the blurred background and twinkling blue lights on the railing!

    Your fondest admirer,


  2. Thank you so much for being my fondest & constant admirer... I couldn't do my posts without your responses in mind! I am so glad that you enjoyed the sense of enchantment expressed through the glittering & silvery images that I shared here. I agree with you that they do indeed give off the chilly feeling of ice & snow outdoors, yet they are warmed by the glowing candles. The scene is definitely set for magic!


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