Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deck The Halls… & Showrooms

I spent the day at the Boston Design Center on Tuesday, December 6th and enjoyed seeing little hints of the holidays as I wandered the hallways and through the showrooms.

Thought that I would share some of the inspiration with you...

An icy, luxurious dream from The Patterson Group

A blanket of snowy delights

Stark Carpet's holiday treasures for under foot

"Gift wrapped" carpets and fabrics

A snowflake adorns a chilly blue rug and silky fabric

The holidays glitter at Studio 534

Simple and elegant silvery pinecones

Christmas trees at home on a tree trunk cross-section table

M-Geough combines land and sea in this inviting centerpiece

So, now, in spite of the 50 degree temperatures and rain that don't have me feeling Christmassy at all, I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm for delving into my own holiday decorating! I hope that you feel that way too!


  1. I haven't been there all month so haven't seen these - lovely! Thanks for doing a great pictorial. I guess silver was "it" this year at the BDC! Merry Christmas Katherine!

  2. Thanks Linda... Merry Christmas to you as well! I am glad that you enjoyed the little arm chair tour of the holiday decor at the BDC... you are right about the silver... it was definitely in abundance, which I love as I decorate with it a lot myself. Happy holidays!


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