Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stunning Summer Setting

Leah, me, Carol, Deb & Eileen
One of my favorite events of the summer season, at least relating to interior design, is the annual Decorator Show House benefitting the Museums of Old York, Maine.  This year was their 23rd, and if my calculations are correct, my visit on August 6th with several of my good design friends was my sixth.

Set in an idyllic coastal village, each yearly house can’t help but lure its visitors into the feeling that this is what life should be like.  Through the years I have seen a lot of well executed interior design work evident in the Old York houses, but I must say that I feel that this year’s “Harmon House” was the best that I have personally experienced!

Program Guide
 Although at first glance the house appears to be a historical property, in actuality it was just built in 2000.  The success of this well-aged look reflects the fact that the designer, Thane Pearson Design, sought to harken back to the infamous Shingle Style architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, making the home look as though it had been in its location for a long time and fitting into the neighborhood beautifully.

Facade of the home with its distinctive gambrel roof lines 

Rear elevation with dormers and porch
Although the architectural design and interior details are very respectful toward a historic orientation, the floor plan of the house is truly livable for a 21st century family.  That was one of the things that I noticed immediately upon entering the Foyer.  It has its own distinct space, but visually opens right into the adjacent rooms which flow from one to the other, as well as the porch and view of the York River to the back. 

The center of the home is focused around the Great Hall and Living Room, as well as the Kitchen and Dining nook.  All of the spaces in the Show House revolve around these rooms, designed by Gerald Pomeroy of the Gerald Pomeroy Design Group, in terms of both layout and style, with their blue walls, white trim, taupe accents, and coastal feeling textures.  They are soothing and serene, yet stunning in an understated way.  Anyone who knows me is well aware that I love blue… so I had a hard time even leaving these rooms to explore any farther!

Great Hall & Living Room by Gerald Pomeroy Design Group
Photo source Design New England blog
The floor plan of the home is very contemporary in that it has a split layout with the Master Bedroom on one side of the house and a Study at the other, with all of the other bedrooms upstairs.  The Master Bedroom is accessed right off the Living Room, and it is also in the soft blue tones making for a nice transition, which I understand was a happy coincidence, considering that it was designed by Meredith Bohn of Meredith Bohn Interior Design and not Gerald Pomeroy!   The Master Bath has a soaking tub situated on an angled wall with a wonderful large window with views of the water.

Master Bedroom
Photo source Meredith Bohn Interior Design

Master Bath
Photo source Meredith Bohn Interior Design
I have referred to the views several times already… they were spectacular!  The house is beautifully sited on the home site to take full advantage of views of the York River.  On a beautiful, sunny summer day like the one I visited on, it could not have been improved upon!  Don't you agree?

The Show House is no longer available to tour, but I hope that you enjoyed this little peek inside and out!