Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Four Fabric Foray - Preppy Pink And Green

I just spent the weekend on Martha’s Vineyard, so as my thoughts turn from vacation to fabric combinations, I can’t help but channel the preppy pair of pink and green!  Not only are they the quintessential palette of prepdom, but they are happy, fun, and summery (hey, it’s unofficially summer already… right?) regardless of your personal decor or wardrobe style.

One of the amazing Carpenter Gothic gingerbread cottages in the
Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association community of Oak Bluffs
I remember when the “Official Preppy Handbook” came out in 1980… I would not have considered myself officially preppy, but I admit that I did enjoy shopping at Pappagallo in Birmingham, Michigan with my best friend Kim during our high school years.  And the fact that I was in college and joined a sorority in the preppy heyday was a serendipitous coincidence, justifying the purchase of many colors of Shetland sweaters with colorful monograms and lots of polo’s with alligators on them!

From Wikipedia
From Wikipedia

Anyway, "Preppy” is still alive and well, as evidenced by the continued popularity of Lilly Pulitzer...
The iconic style of Lilly!
and the newer phenomenon of Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines store in Edgartown
Pink and green is still a color combination of choice for the days of summer whether you are a prepster or a hipster… or somewhere in between.

Fabrics from Calico Corners
Stotesbury in Summer
Indra in Citrus
Tapestry Tile in Spring
Long Hill in Chiffon
This living room is a little bit preppy with a touch of tropical British-Colonial,
and most inviting in its palette of raspberry pink and grass green hues.  
What collegiate gal wouldn’t love this adorable 
preppy bedding set for her room in the dorm 
or sorority house!
Proof that pink and green don't have to be limited to whales and monograms!
The real deal... pink beach roses on Martha's Vineyard
What are your thoughts on pink and green?


  1. fantastic post Katherine!...... although I am not a 'preppy' guy by nature, I do try to embrace the colors of summer you have talked about here with a hipster twist to it.... well done and thanks for sharing! -- Love you, Hawkeye.....

  2. Thanks for checking it out Hawkeye! The contemporary photo proves what you already know & do so well... that there are many ways to interpret a color palette or style!


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