Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Four Fabric Foray - Spring Zing

So, the Tranquil Teal fabric combination of my last post was just that… tranquil and spa-like… now as I continue to explore combining fabrics, I find myself bringing to life color schemes, pattern collages and moods of the warmer days ahead…

In spite of how slowly Spring is truly taking hold in nature here in New England, I am featuring a mix of zingy colors to create the aura of warm temperatures, sunny skies, and colorful gardens.  Hopefully they will bring a smile to your face & the enthusiasm to add some lively hues to your home…

The focal point holding all of these fabrics together is a floral, which of course is natural for spring.  But this one is different, a bit of Asian influence with rich textures, just a touch of metallic thread, and its vibrant colors, which are the inspiration for the palette.  

To juxtapose the organic floral, a geometric pattern in the same hues adds a wild touch.  

And to anchor these busy motifs, a lush striated velvet in a deep plum and a linear fuchsia chenille.  How to finish it all off… why with a multi-colored fringe of course!

If these don’t make you happy… nothing will… well at least when it comes to interior design!

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