Friday, February 7, 2014

Snowflakes Of Inspiration

After many a gray day and a lot of snowfall recently, today we were greeted by abundant sunshine.  It reminded me of just how beautiful the snow can be, and how bringing the wintry motifs of snowflakes and pine trees in to our interiors can be such a delight.

Once the sun comes out, the snowy landscape become magical and inviting

I love the pattern play here as the sunlight weaves in and out of the balusters

The French doors create a beautiful connection between
the outside and in, and the snowflake looks right at home

Crystal snowflakes and shimmering pailettes add softness to the space

A dusting of snow,the luster of silver, and the sparkle
of mercury glass

Twinkling lights and pine cones reflect a crackled pattern
and cast a warm glow

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  1. great post and thanks for putting together such a wonderful interior in our home!


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