Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Toss In Some Pillows… Toss Out The Winter Blahs

Well, it’s mid-January.  The holidays are over.  The parties are a thing of the past.  The decorations are stored away.  Your spirit has gone away with them.

There is always such a sense of excitement as Christmas approaches.  Then, after weeks of celebrating and decorating, the season comes to a screeching halt.  Much toil, and much less joy, go into packing all of the ornaments and lights away for another year.  

At first, the simplicity of the holiday-decoration-free house feels refreshing and a bit “Zen.”  But then, after a few days of gray New Year’s winter skies, your interiors feel just plain drab, dull, and maybe even a little sad.

There’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive (usually!) fix that will lift your mood immediately: toss a couple colorful pillows on your sofa, bed, or favorite reading chair!

I dare you to go into the nearest Pier 1 store, head over to the “Pillow Wall,” and not get a smile on your face! 

There is nothing that will brighten your mood faster than section after section of vivid silks, lively patterns and inviting textures.  

And as you wander around the showroom, you will be inspired by little vignettes that prove the power of the pillow!

Once you arrive home with your plump poofs, your rooms will react the same way that you did in the store… with joy and enthusiasm!

There are endless sources for fabulous pillows in the home furnishings world these days...  Here are just a few that I found that prove you don’t have to live with the Winter Doldrums!

 image Company C

image Company C

image Company C

image West Elm

image West Elm

image Pottery Barn

Here's to brighter days inside and out!


  1. Great way to freshen the look of any room easily and at little cost!

    Thanks for the post!


  2. Thanks Hawkeye! Yes, this just proves that all design does not have to be long & drawn out... there are indeed opportunities for immediate gratification!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to give us this pillow talk!
    I love your examples and I think I recognize those Pier I in store shots because I was with you when you helped me pick out....pillows.
    Great tip for a winter pick me up.

  4. Jeannie... glad that you like the examples that I have chosen! You & I have done our share of pillow hunting together, haven't we? Look what a difference the variety of Pottery Barn pillows have made in your beautiful living room!


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