Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winter Warmers… Take The Chill Off

What does “Winter Warmer” mean to you?

If you are a beer enthusiast…

"Winter Warmer"

Harpoon Brewery, Boston, Massachusetts

If you are a fashionista...

Winter scarves; google images

If you are a design aficionado…

Horchow glamourous Dansfield & Ross

silk & rayon velvety gray throw with pom pom trim

One of my favorite accessories for the home is something that can make a big design statement while also proving to be quite useful... the throw. I am a devotee of throws as decorative accessories all year round, but winter is an especially good time to toss a stylish and cozy blanket across your sofa or bed. It is wonderful to snuggle up under a plush, warm throw while watching the snow fall outside of your window (I know, many of you in colder climates are tired of the white stuff by now, so maybe “wonderful” is pushing it a little!), or while you read a book, watch a movie, or just enjoy a tasty hot beverage.

Here are some especially lovely throws that I have come across in my explorations…

Horchow understated quilted coverlets & cable knit throws by Ann Gish

Horchow Sofia super soft cabled cashmere throws woven with heathered yarns

Gracious Home simple but chic Capri cashmere throws with ribbed border

Gracious Home Matouk Arcadia elegant throws with Greek key design

(also love the paint color in the vignette!)

Gracious Home Matouk Torino throws in classic two-tone chevron weave

West Elm bold & textural chunky tassel throw

Pottery Barn casual hand-knit chunky cable throws

Bliss Living Home Temi plush throw in Whisper Blue is covered & edged with pom poms

(how fun is this?)

Throws have such a warming effect that these last few even give me the feeling that Spring is just around the corner! What about you you?


  1. I'm in need of two great throws! Sturdy though, since they're really used as sofa covers (our white leather couches look great, but are always cold -I'll never buy leather again). It's the last piece missing in my freshening up the living room project.

    And thanks so much for your kind birthday wishes!!!

  2. Hi Kat,

    I know what it means to me.... Beer! Just love the 'Winter Warmer' from Harpoon..... I think we both do actually!

    Even better consumed whilst under a comfortable throw to ward off the last of the winter chill...

    Thanks for sharing all the different types of throws... I never knew there were so many!



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