Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter White Out

This winter, it seems that every which way I turn, I am seeing white!

Of course I am viewing it out my windows… here in New England we have had snowstorm upon snowstorm ever since late December, some of which have dumped over two feet of snow at a time on the landscape. Snow events, as the meteorologists like to call them, seem to be in the forecast every few days… last night we had 10 more inches. Enough already! So it appears that there will be no escaping the white stuff outdoors for quite some time now.

View from our great room French doors & deck

But white is not restricted to the outside during the winter, or any time of year. White is stunning when the temperatures are cool… actually cold… our lows last week sunk to -8 degrees and this week are not getting above freezing... reminds me of my days going to school in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!

But white is actually so cool that it’s hot! Not only is January notorious for the annual retail “white sales,” but just about every interior design or shelter magazine that I have seen or picked up on the newsstands is preaching the beauty and benefits of white. The opening page of the “special white issue” feature of February’s Country Living quotes English philosopher G.K. Chesterton “White is not a mere absence of color, it is a shining and affirmative thing: as fierce as red, as definite as black.”

What’s to love about white? So many things…

White can be serene & soothing image expresses the restful nature of white

White can be cool

House Beautiful image; interior designer Lindsey Bond keeps white cool & light with an antique mirror, floating desk & Louis ghost chair

White can be warm image shows white being heated up with a touch of brown, some warm woods & a fire in the fireplace

White can be crisp image demonstrates how juxtaposing a hue such as a rich navy blue against white trim, accents & furnishings makes everything in the space pop! (It shouldn't surprise you that with my love of blue, I really love this design!)

White can be bold

New England Home image; what would the black be without the white in interior designer Jim Gauthier's living room?

White can be whimsical

New England Home image; interior designer Susan Stacy's dining area features a unique Balinese umbrella instead of the usual chandelier

So tell me, what do you love about white?

And white's magic isn't limited to one style... it works with just about every one...


House Beautiful image; interior designer Lindsey Bond "Pristine white, clean lines, symmetry, neatness: that's what I call serenity"

Traditional image features white on white in an elegant London residence


Phoenix Home & Garden image; interior designer Billi Springer created a crisp, romantic living room with a Spanish accent


Country Living image; Joanna Madden stays with neutral shades so that she doesn't have to limit her display of collectibles


Coastal Living image; relaxed upholstery & distressed woods feel chicly shabby


Coastal Living image - Color It Coastal; bright whites, shell chandelier & a seaside location mean that as the light changes so will the look & feel of the space

Which style of white do you find yourself drawn to?

They all have their own individual appeal, but since we are currently in the deep freeze, that last beautiful seaside setting looks pretty irresistible to me!


  1. Hi Kat,

    Love the post! Gives a lot of meaning to the term 'Winter White'.... Many different looks with a clean, crisp spin.


  2. Hi Katherine,
    These white interiors and outdoor scenes are really beautiful. I love the way you featured the white in the middle of your so cold winter. It's interesting how warm and clean and inviting so much white can be.
    Love your site,

  3. Love the pictures! It's white done right!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! I am glad that this has reaffirmed the sense of beauty & versatility offered by white. The white stuff outside has been getting a bad name lately, so it's nice to give kudos to the hue:)


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