Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It’s Summer… Sea The Light!

Interior design is a multi-faceted process… it starts with understanding everything about a room… what is its function, who will be using it, when & so on. From there a floor plan is developed, and all of the elements are selected to make the space successfully achieve its goals… flooring, wall & window treatments, furniture & lighting. A lot of thought, time, and often money, are invested in furnishing the room of your dreams.

But, in addition to doing their jobs, these elements have a higher calling of reflecting the personality of the people using the room… for example their level of formality, lifestyle, favorite colors, and decorating style to name a few.

Although the room is probably already beautiful with its key pieces in place, designs often fall short by stopping there. They don’t come alive until accessorized with items that speak to the season.

Summer is such an easy time of year to celebrate… who can’t wait for sunny days, warm temperatures and outdoor entertaining? Lighten up your interiors to echo the easy going nature of the season… start by removing heavy window treatments & rugs, and other décor that casts a too-serious-for-summer feeling to your interiors.

Accessorize with items inspired by sunny places such as the sea…

Vignette with Nautical Chart

Bring the outdoors in with beautiful summery flowers like hydrangeas...

Hydrangea & Sea Urchin Bowl

Or even both sea and garden combined. Wreaths are a wonderful, unexpected surprise on an interior door!

Sea Theme Wreath With Hydrangea

Be inspired by the beauty of summer...

Crystal Bowl with Glass and Pewter Seashells

I have been an enthusiast of seasonal design for a long time, both professionally & personally… but presenting my perspective on a blog is brand new… starting in the summer is perfect for me as it is my favorite time of year!

This first post revolves around brightening your attitude & lightening your interiors with accents from the sea & garden. During the next two weeks I will be on holiday, but in the following weeks, I will venture into different ways of expressing the seasons in & around your home... so meet me back here!